Our Fees

Lawyers’ fees are usually time costed. We consider that time costing can in some situations reward inefficiency and does not always provide a certainty of cost.

Our preference is to provide our services on a fixed fee basis where possible. Fixed fees provide certainty of cost and deliver a transparent model where you are assured of our accountability.

In some instances we are able to provide our clients with a fixed fee price list for select services such as debt recovery, family law, leasing and transactional work.

From the outset of each matter we will, in consultation with you, identify whether one of our fixed fee price lists will apply. If a fixed fee price list does not apply or if your preference is to engage us on a time costed basis then we:

  • identify the likely steps required to perform the work;
  • provide you with a detailed estimate of our fees (on a time costed basis);
  • obtain your approval with respect to our fees; and
  • provide you with a transparency of invoicing that enables you to understand the works performed and the fees incurred.

Where we provide our services on a time costed basis the following table shall apply unless otherwise agreed to with you:


Head of Department

Senior Associate


Graduate Solicitor








Expenses & Additional Disbursements

Traditionally, law firms on-charge general photocopying, facsimiles, emails, postage and call costs. Such costs are, in our view, ordinary business expenses which should be absorbed.

JKR Lawyers does not on-charge the usual office expenses incurred in our day to day operations.

However, from time to time we may be required to incur (with your consent) certain expenses which are on-charged to you at cost.

Those expenses are known as disbursements and may include (but are not limited to) search fees, courier fees, filing and lodgment fees of any kind, banking charges, government revenue charges, unusual (large) postage, process servers and investigators, agents’ fees, external consultants, travel and accommodation costs, witness fees, transcription fees, statutory fees and duties and charges (e.g. stamp duty).

To view a copy of our current fixed fee price list for debt recovery matters, please click on one of the following links:

To view a copy of our current fixed fee price list for leasing matters, please click on the following link: