Our Services

JKR Lawyers differentiates itself by ensuring that our professional services are:

  • assertive;
  • delivered with immediacy;
  • couched in clear, concise and readily understandable terminology;
  • strategised to achieve client focused outcomes;
  • commercially orientated;
  • pragmatic;
  • direct and decisive; and
  • cost effective

With focused areas of practice you are assured that we are skilled in what we do.


Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation

JKR Lawyers’ team is experienced in providing not only high volume assertive debt recovery and stream leasing services to landlords but also representation in complex and sensitive litigation.

Having represented large landlords with retail, industrial and commercial portfolios, our director Justin Ratanatray is familiar with the relevant legislative requirements and understands the drivers underpinning the day to day decisions landlords must make.

We provide the following landlord services:

  • stream leasing;
  • tailored high volume debtors management;
  • drafting services agreements;
  • alternative dispute resolution including mediations; and
  • necessary litigation.


Commercial and Business Law

Commercial and Business Law

Our practitioners have developed a keen understanding of client needs and are quick to identify risk profiles and deliver solutions.

That experience enables JKR Lawyers to ensure your rights are preserved and your risks are minimised in all facets of commercial and business law.

Our commercial and business law services include:

  • drafting standard terms and conditions of trade;
  • drafting credit applications;
  • drafting contractors agreements;
  • drafting security documents (including mortgages, equitable charges and guarantees);
  • drafting employment agreements; and
  • providing advice regarding statutory compliance.


Debtors Management

Debtor Management

Fundamental to the profitability of any business is the proper management of its cash flow. Poor debtor management quickly becomes endemic.

Our experience enables us to work collaboratively with our clients to develop or improve commercial documentation, internal procedures and coupled with our assertive recovery process, the incidence of delinquent debtors is rapidly reduced.

Our debtor management services include:

  • ensuring internal management procedures are adequate to minimise debtor delinquency and reduce the need for our involvement;
  • preparing and sending letters of demand;
  • commencing actions (including statement of claim, summons and applications);
  • creditors statutory demands and winding ups;
  • enforcement orders and oral examination of debtors; and
  • bankruptcy notices and sequestration orders.


Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Simply following a process to its conclusion is not an ethos to which we subscribe. Our litigation practitioners understand your needs and your drivers.

JKR Lawyers think outside the box and strive to find solutions that are commercial, pragmatic and immediate.

In some instances commercial solutions are not the answer. In those cases we represent our client’s interests robustly with integrity, skill and assertive strategies geared to your needs.

Our areas of litigation experience include:

  • trade practice matters;
  • contractual disputes (i.e. breach of contract, damages and misrepresentation);
  • unconscionable conduct;
  • partnership disputes;
  • property disputes; and
  • alternative dispute resolution (including mediation and arbitration).


Solvency Law, Risk Management and Restructuring

Solvency Law, Risk Management and Restructuring

Our practitioners are experienced in all facets of insolvency law. Unsurprisingly in such a fluid area of practice our client base is wide and varied. Each of our experiences enables us to deliver our services.

JKR Lawyers provides the following solvency related services:

  • making and resisting winding up applications;
  • making and resisting creditors petitions;
  • making and resisting applications for the appointment of provisional liquidators, receivers and administrators;
  • advice to individuals and companies that are or are likely to become insolvent;
  • drafting deeds of company arrangement;
  • drafting personal insolvency agreements; and
  • creditor representation (i.e. liaising with liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and creditors meetings).